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Author Topic: Someone in Italy could get these guys to make adjustable triples  (Read 259 times)

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Offline srinath

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In fact those would almost fit.
The worry is, is the 41mm harley top cap threads same as bolt ?
The c/c spread of the forks in bolt is 190mm or just under. That says its 210 but its more like 214 cos HD doesn't have 210, they have 176mm (7"), 8.4375" (214.4 mm) and 9.875" = 250 mm. So spacers will be needed at the axle and caliper.
Then the stem length, and I've measured 196mm for the harley that's intended for and 185 for the bolt. So 10 mm spacer or maybe it will still fit due to its adjustability without spacers.

PS: Bolt has 30mm lower bearing ID doesn't it ? So a 25mm ID X 30mm OD sleeve needs to be made.

Someone should go there with their bolt and have them make it.

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Offline srinath

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Re: Someone in Italy could get these guys to make adjustable triples
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2021, 08:28:26 pm »
BTW 5 degree rake pushed the front wheel forward 1.5" as measured by low and mean.
The bike lowered a little making me think the through line through the neck moved ~1/4" back. Total 1.75"
That takes the trail from 5.1" to 3.35". And as trail approaches 0 the bike will be easier and easier to steer.
If it shoots past 0 into negative - watch out it will be a nightmare.
+5 degree would be fun, +10 would be worth a gingerly ride through the neighborhood unless you can measure trail before riding off into the sunset.