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Author Topic: Samios Ecu flash on Euro 4 models  (Read 1618 times)

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Offline SCRBen

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Re: Samios Ecu flash on Euro 4 models
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2021, 05:00:22 pm »
Local guy came back and said that only option was for a cobra fi2000 or Dynojet as it was not on his list of ecus he could tune  :(

Question is which one of the less good (than a ECU flash) options do I pick?

It seems the Bolt interest has dwindled in recent years as posts are way less frequent than in 2016/17?

Im thinking, half jokingly, I should have bought a HD
Just my opinion (and some here will disagree), but you don't really need a flash or a fuel controller.  several Bolt owners (including myself) have aftermarket exhausts and air cleaners and don't have a flash or fuel controller, and we run without any problem.  The topic of backfires and burbles is more one of perception caused mostly by the rider twitching the throttle.  And even when it does occur, most of us like the sound.

Thank you - I would agree apart from the decel pops are just too much. I do not want to go back to stock.
I was hoping to 'tune' this out...I did send a message to BenSCR to see if he ever fixed the EML warning lamp.

I am not looking to get power - its a small CC engine for cruising - its not a sports or a tourer bike; I did not want one of those this time

Dynojet or Cobra seem to be high on the list - unless there is a workaround but struggling to get real world views beyond Spiros saying Euro4 is an issue that they can't fix....

@arealjighead said on another post
Now this may be different with the Euro model but it sounds like the same problem that us in the States get & here is the solution...
I've had my ECU flashed & the engine light also came on. There is a simple fix however. All you need to do is connect the O2 sensor for a little while till the code clears. Once it clears you can then either unhook it, which others have claimed the light has never came back on, or keep it plugged in since the flash is suppose to bypass the O2 sensor anyways, Ivan said it shouldn't matter. Hope this helps with clearing your code

edit: to add - I don't mind paying and trying my concern is if the EML did come on and then I send the ECU back to Spiros to return to stock code but this does not clear the EML - I end up making my bike relatively unsaleable.

Hiya Bud,

I got your PM, and replied.



Offline Dubdubz

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Re: Samios Ecu flash on Euro 4 models
« Reply #16 on: July 19, 2021, 03:15:24 pm »
Actually there is a new option for me at least and that is the Dobeck EJK - seems to get good reviews although nothing super recent.

I've pinged the guys an enquiry to see if they'll ship to me and if so what the cost is...

And yes Ivans flash is the best thing ever as I understand it whenever this type of thread comes up but I'm not prepared to have an engine management light on...and really I just want to reduce the decel pops - so this feels like a good direction for now - I cannot see Ivan flash getting to be fixed for these euro4 models...

Offline Dubdubz

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Re: Samios Ecu flash on Euro 4 models
« Reply #17 on: August 16, 2021, 08:36:23 am »
Well I am going to place the order and get a EJK for my XV950


I'll post back once its installed!