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Author Topic: How to: longer lines for tall handlebar - super EZ (C SPEC) with ABS  (Read 218 times)

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Offline 7udro

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Hi folks, so as title says... I now post the magic solution

- choose your taller bar then install it.. (I used motion pro dampers as suggested in another topic, they fit perfectly. Found in EU on ebay UK)

- buy a clutch cable of your desired lenght but BE SURE IT IS TYPE 2
   Type 1 have 13.5 cm final cable protruding, Type 2 only 10cm  - this is one you want (aliexpress, 8 )
   I buyed a 180 CM type 2 cable (original is 150cm)

- buy a longer accelerator cable line kit
   I measured the stock 2016 Racer one and it is 65 cm between curves (I measured just the central rubber hose lenght)
   Buyed on aliexpress,  Throttle Cables Accelerator Cable For Yamaha 5PB-26311-10 5PB-26312-10 XVS1100 Drag Star XVS1100A XVS1100AT Silverado Custom

  As you can see the     ab lenght is approx 108 cm so it is approx +30 CM and fit jap bikes so i guess it is compatible for my taller highway bar

And now the best part... front brake line WITH ABS

Since abs unit is what it is, stock hose is like 30 cm and plugs directly to ABS unit. impossible to get


- I buyed this connector Motorcycle Brake Hose Fitting Three-way Valve Connector For M10*1.25mm Banjo Bolt For Twin Brake System Honda Yamaha Kawasaki

and i will just plug a dead bolt into the third useless exit

I buyed  a couple of small brake lines (27cm and 34 cm) to extend the stock rubber hose.

SO I can keep stock brake line and ABS

TOTAL in =   39,54 + 27 for the handlebar

The end.

I am now waiting for pieces.. I will back to report the final fit

Bye folks
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