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Author Topic: 43 years on 2 wheels, too broken to continue on sport bikes, buying a Bolt  (Read 352 times)

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Offline roadrage810

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Hello everyone. Just a quick rundown and introduction. I started riding in 1978 and rode dirt bikes for years, then sport bikes which I currently ride. After a spinal injury and a few abdominal surgeries my strength wasn't what is used to be but didn't stop me from riding. I bought an R3 in 2016 for the lightweight and easy handling for me in my weakened state (50% feel and use of right leg, various abdominal surgeries and the toll they take) and love it. However, now I am having issues riding leaned over due to various injuries and general body damage over the last almost 50 years.

Been considering jumping to an MT-07 or a Bolt but heavily leaning towards the Bolt as I want to do a bobber build because I miss riding my hard tail choppers back when my body would take the abuse. That lead me to research which landed me here so expect me to be around and asking questions for parts sources as I really want to push this build to be something unique. First thought after exhaust, air filter, plate relocation, bars and all of the basic stuff is finding a springer front end that will work or having one if my local bike builders fabbing one up if there isn't a direct fit I can find, then we will start to get serious about chopping it up and really getting into the fun stuff.

Offline joko

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Wow man 43 years and still riding a sportbike, pretty impressive.  Welcome to the board.

Don't know if you already know about this site, but if not might be worth checking out for the front end:  tcbros.com

Offline roadrage810

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That's actually where my bars are going to be coming from. Having a hard time locating a Bolt R Spec currently. May just have the dealership order a 2022 when the order window opens. As of right now Yamaha isn't allowing orders for anything. Myocal dealer put in an order for 60 dirt bikes of various models and received 1. Then Yamaha told them they shut all ordering off and they would receive whatever Yamaha decided to send.