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Author Topic: Looking for Saddlebag Recommendations  (Read 231 times)

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Offline got20z

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Looking for Saddlebag Recommendations
« on: May 22, 2020, 01:25:19 pm »
Just wondering what bags you all are using on your Bolts. I have a 2014 R Spec and am looking for something that looks decent and is affordable. My biggest concern is buying something aftermarket that say it will fit but won't actually fit. Such as the throw over style.

I saw these on ebay... anybody using them? If not, what is everybody using? Thanks in advance.

Online DrM

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Re: Looking for Saddlebag Recommendations
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2020, 05:45:25 pm »
If you have an R spec Bolt, then the gas cylinder on the rear shocks are going to be in the way for large saddlebags, unless you use Yamaha's narrow bags, or aftermarket ones like them.  If you have a regular Bolt (no gas shocks) then you don't have this issue.

Larger saddlebags may also likely require you to relocate your rear turn signals.

I made my own saddlebags some 30+ years ago for my old Honda Shadow, and I kept them when I sold that bike.  Now I have them mounted on the Bolt on a custom bracket I also made.  I had to relocate the rear turn signals and install an extension to the wiring.  I also had to move the rear shocks to the opposite sides of the bike, and flip the gas cylinders down in order to get more room for the saddlebags -- and then that made the gas cylinder I moved over to the left side land smack dab on top of a bolthead holding on the rear of the upper belt guard.  So that required me to remove that bolthead and replace it with a bolt with a smaller head that would fit completely inside the bolt hole on the upper belt guard.   

In my opinion, there are just more options when making your own, not the least of which is making them to your own style and taste.  However, there some very nice bags such as made by Viking that look like they would also work.  Now, if you want secure, but quick on and off bags, then the search for a Bolt mounting system might suddenly get harder, especially for the R spec with those protruding gas cylinders (which is why I relocated them.)

In my case, the bags are "permanently" mounted, as I consider them essential hardware (including carrying groceries from the store.)  I can take them off if I have to change a tire, but it is neither easy nor quick.
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Offline AZ Desert Wolf

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Re: Looking for Saddlebag Recommendations
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2020, 11:32:37 pm »
Don't toss out your $$ on the stock ones.  They may be easy to mount, but there's very little storage space.  Due to limited garage space and because I needed to mount a sissybar anyway, I found a nice sissybar mount bag from viking, which is very reasonably priced.  I actually bought it in 2 different sizes, medium to mount forward when I'm riding solo and small to mount on the back when riding with my better half.  The link is below if you're interested.
https://www.vikingbags.com/yamaha-vikingbags-dagr-motorcycle-sissy-bar-bag. Happy hunting. 8)