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Author Topic: File speedometer complaint  (Read 33384 times)

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Offline Sdaniels

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Re: File speedometer complaint
« Reply #180 on: July 10, 2020, 02:30:31 pm »
If you have stock tire size, the word is 63% gets you nearly error-free readings.
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Offline E

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Re: File speedometer complaint
« Reply #181 on: July 29, 2020, 04:47:15 pm »
I have installed the KOSO on my 2015. Install was not too bad, the cable length is a bit of a challenge, trying to hide the extra length.

Programming was not too difficult either. Make note of your mileage, you can transfer that into the new speedo. The biggest problem is adjusting the tire size percentage to get the speedo to read right. I think mine is set to something like 76%. I checked against Google maps GPS. Close enough for Government work. The other fun programming is setting the gear ratios to have the gear position read correctly. Make sure you get the speedo reading right first or you will have to redo the gear position. It calculates the speed of the bike vs the speed of the engine, which you have to set by running through the gears in the right program. It is pretty easy . . . or is seems to be cuz I did mine more than a couple times. You don't have to go too fast or too far to get it all set up.

I thought it would be a little larger in diameter, but it is easily read. Plus there are a number back light color settings and brightnes levels. I like having the tach and that is the main reason I bought it.

Stay tire side down!

Change to 63% for stock tire size (ugh, then re-set your GEAR 1 thru 5)
do glance at your TOTAL MILES (by accident you might clear it off to Zero - having to re-set it too)
- i agree the CABLE is a little long - i did get my SNAP TOGETHER Connection to fit underneath the FLANGE of Gas Tank - yeah
- i agree the SIZE - DIAMETER of Koso Speedometer was disappointing at First, but it is readable, i got use to it
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Offline rexposeidon

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Re: File speedometer complaint
« Reply #182 on: November 21, 2020, 05:12:34 pm »
Can't read it in the sun?  Don't really care.  Just don't be the fastest guy on the road and it won't matter.

"Sorry officer I can't read the speedo in the glare of the sun, yeah it's stock equipment..."  Can't be required to replace stock equipment by law... just sayin...

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