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Author Topic: Eyes on the Bolt!  (Read 158 times)

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Offline west.c.ridez

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Eyes on the Bolt!
« on: June 29, 2020, 11:02:03 pm »
 Hi everyone!

First, I want to thank the creators of this forum for allowing us share to everything about this amazing machine. Also thank you to all the users for taking time out of their day to share their knowledge.

I've decided to purchase the bolt, however before I take the plunge I would like to ask some questions.

Regarding my bike history, this will be my 3rd bike. I've never crashed or dropped a bike in my 5 years of riding. I've owned only dual sports and I'm currently on a Suzuki DR650.

My questions are:

On stock tires, how many miles does it take for the "death wobble" to occur? and what are a good set of tires to avoid the "Death Wobble"?

Since this will be my first "heavy" bike, are there tips to avoid dropping it?

Thanks again everyone!

Offline DrM

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Re: Eyes on the Bolt!
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2020, 11:33:41 pm »
1.  Death wobble -- apparently some riders don't experience it, some do -- some riders reporting it occurs on releasing the handlebars and then experiencing a wobble as the bike decelerates.  Riders reporting different cures, such as tightening the steering head bearings, different brands of tires, and changing to conical steering head bearings.  I have a throttle lock on my bike, so I can release the throttle without deceleration -- and sometimes I get a wobble, and some times I don't. It may also be affected by the road surface and the speed you are traveling at.  I have had three Yamahas: a '73 TX650, an '83 Maxim (I think it was a 700cc), and this 2019 Bolt R-spec -- they all exhibited some sort of wobble, so part of it may be how Yamaha designs bikes.  I also owned an '87 Honda shadow VT700C which I rode coast to coast, riding mostly in the back seat without touching the handlebars -- and without experiencing any wobble while it was new (I did experience wobble at much higher mileage.)

2. Dropping the bike:  This bike is really pretty nimble for 540+lbs, and pretty controllable.  Take your time to get used to it before pushing the envelope, and you shouldn't be dropping it.  If you have to stop quickly, especially on a turn or a curve, straighten the bike up before screeching to a halt -- and don't look down while braking ( you eventually will go to where you are looking.)  Go slower on loose gravel (it can be like driving on little marbles.)

3.  Take a motorcycle safety course to learn things like countersteering and emergency handling.

Offline Crilly Wizard

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Re: Eyes on the Bolt!
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2020, 05:07:20 am »
I donít think anyone has experienced a wobble unless they remove both hands from the bars, and as stated, different fixes have produced the cure if it bothers you. I havenít changed the bearings on my second bolt yet, as the wobble doesnít bother me, but is there without hands.

You are more likely to drop a taller bike than the bolt as your feet are so close to the ground when riding.
Just be more careful when wheeling it around on foot, and lean it into your body more than a lighter bike to make sure it doesnít get away from you.